The Liebig Company has been the producer of "Meat Extract" . The production has been in Fray- Bentos and Colon ( South America ). In 1872 they started to publish fantastic colored lithographed cards.
The most prolific of the issues of Liebig's Meat Extract Company are "Chromo" cards, which were issued until 1975. After the very scarce early issues, the cards were exchanged by the Company for coupons, and thus are found as complete sets. Each series has 6 or 12 cards. The size is generally around 4.1" x 2.8". Most series were issued in more that one country, and can therefore be found in several languages. There have been published cards in Belgium, French, United Kingdom, Spanish, German, Italian etc...

The reverse of most cards wears advertising for the Liebig Company products or a recipe. The last lithographed series came out around 1939, but more interested cards have been edited until the seventies.
Also interesting for Liebig collectors are the cookbooks, menus and other publicity.

Collectors all over the world use different catalogues. A conversion list is availabel on this website.